You’ll find here all the recipes I’ve made up in my everyday meals or bentos. There’ll few or no photos as most of the time I like to show a complete hopefully well-balanced meal in the blog Experiment in dessertarian cooking.
I aim towards healthy portion-controlled and varied meals. I do not stick on a particular cuisine: every cuisine has some spice to add to our everyday life!

As you’ll see I tend to do everything from scratch, and my cupboards are full of dry food and long life products. Why? Because though I’m based this year in Poland I’m travelling a lot. Therefore I need to have some food to rely on between two flights.
This will also explain my erratic posting: I don’t always have access to a kitchen nor internet.

I’m both French and English, so please excuse my mistakes as for me these two languages tend to be one…I’d say I’m a Frenglish speaker….and now I’ve got to try to learn polish!

I welcome any of your comments.

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