Mushroom stuffed raviolis

1 pasta dough recipe

2 tbsp of olive oil
500g of mushrooms (peeled and cut in four)
1 tsp of fresh thyme finely shredded
1/2 tsp of salt and pepper
125g of ricotta
1/2 cup of parmesan (or any grated cheese)
1 egg yolk

In a frying pan gently heat the oil, add the mushrooms, thyme and salt and pepper and cook for ten minutes approximatively until the water from mushrooms has evaporated and the the mushrooms are tender and gold.
Set aside to cool.
In an electric robot, mince the preparation.
Add the ricotta, the grated cheese and the yolk and stir until you get a homogeneous mixture.
Let it set in the fridge for two hours.

Lower the dough with a rolling pin or a pasta machine to obtain a fin dough.
With a pasta machine: take a fourth of the pasta, pass it through the machine a first time with number one.
Fold the dough, and pass it through the machine one more time. Then pass it through number two to four.
Don’t forget to flour the dough, the table you’re working on.

If you’re not using a pasta machine cut out rectangles of 20 inches by 10 inches
Then with a spoon put some filling on the dough leaving a one inch space between each tsp of filling (leave 1/2 inch space between the filling and the end of the dough giving you two rows of raviolis).
With water brush the dough without touching the filling. This will permit a better sealing of the raviolis.
Then cover with another rectangle of dough.
With a finger seal the raviolis and then cut them with a knife or pastry wheel.

Boil a litre of water, and gently lay the ravioli in the pan.
When they come up to the surface (takes two minutes generally) sieve them out and serve.

Comment :
Serve with an Alfredo sauce.

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