Home-made express tomato sauce

(for 2)
3 tomatoes
1 minced onion
1 garlic clove minced
1 tsp of olive oil
one bay leaf

Prepare two bowls: one with boiling water and one with cold water.
Stick a fork in the tomato and dip it for 30s in the boiling water bowl then straight away dip it in the cold water for 30s. That should smoother the peeling.
Peel the tomatoes. Cut them into pieces and deseed.
In a large pan cook the oil, the onion,the garlic until the onion is gold.
Lower the heat, and add the tomatoes, the bay leaf.
Cook until the tomatoes reduces. (Something like two hours)
For impatients after ten to twenty minutes, you should obtain something like a lumpy sauce. Either serve it as so or remove the bay leaf and just blend the ingredients, and omit to say this last sentence in front of your guests, huh!

One Response to “Home-made express tomato sauce”

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