Rice sandwiches without a bought mould [Mushroom stuffing]

(for two sandwiches, 1 serving)
1/2 cup of glutinous rice
1 cup of water
1 nori sheet

3 tbsp of mushroom rough pâté

In a bowl let the rice soak in water overnight.
in a pan, heat the rice and water and bring to boiling point.
Reduce the heat to minimal and cover.
Cook until the water is absorb.
Uncover and let it cool down.
Take a little square box.
Put it under *cold* water.
Fill half of it with rice. (Or the height you want)
Then firmly press with your hands to make it really set together.
Then with a quick gesture, unmould your rice sandwich layer.
Put it on a layer of nori.
Put a second layer of nori on it.
Spread your pâté.
Do a second rice layer.
Set it on top.
Add a last nori layer.
Press a bit.
With a very sharp nice (type for sashimi) cut it in two or four from one corner to another.

Comment : you can go for any other stuffing you enjoy.

Comment : It’s easier if you put a few little holes in your tupperware. But, this means you are killing one box.
Or you can buy one of these flat onigri maker wich won’t be expensive if you don’t take into account travelling fees.

2 Responses to “Rice sandwiches without a bought mould [Mushroom stuffing]”

  1. Rice sandwiches, home-grown vegetables « Experiments in dessertarian cooking Says:

    […] content -Rice sandwiches stuffed with mushroom pâté (homemade) -Mum’s garden carrot and parsnip -Lentils salad […]

  2. Lovliebutterfly Says:

    Interesting! Here’s something I’ll enjoy for lunch! I don’t particularly like bread sandwiches so a rice sandwich would be great! Thanks for the recipe!

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