Onion flavoured bread

500g of all purpose flour
300ml of milk (cow or soya)
1 tbsp of olive oil
1 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt
1 1/2 tsp of yeast

2 onions

The recipe is the same as the other bread recipes and therefore all the ingredients must be at room temperature.

Peel the onions and mince them.
In a frying pan, heat a few sprays of oil and sauté the onions until gold. Put aside.

Mix the yeast and milk and leave aside for fifteen minutes.
In a bowl, mix the flour and the milk and yeast mixture with the tip of your fingers.
Add the sugar and a pinch of salt, then add the oil, and work the dough until the oil is absorbed. Add the onions, and work again the dough.
Work the dough until it is elastic and detaches from your fingers more easily.
Cover and let rest in a warm place, away from drafts, for two hours, until it doubles in size.
Work the dough again with the onions for 10 min and mould it in a loaf.
Place it in a greased rectangular mould and cover. Let rise for an hour again. If you have the proper mould for loaves it will avoid the hard crust.
Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Then, put in the oven to bake for 40 min. Remove, un-mould and let cool on a rack.

2 Responses to “Onion flavoured bread”

  1. alwayswinner786 (Mon) Says:

    This onion bread seems very delicious. I would love to try it with spinach soup.
    Happy Thanks giving to you and all your loved ones.
    Good bless.

  2. Little salad in the end of winter « Experiments in dessertarian cooking Says:

    […] Lunch -Cherry tomato -Chicory spread with soya yoghurt sauce (Provençal spices) -Lamb’s lettuce -Carrot julienne -Onions sautés -Preserved maize -Two slices of homemade bread […]

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