Provencal cheese pie

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1 recipe of shortcrust pastry
1 cup of oats

400g of Greek yoghurt (extra firm)
400G of twarog (philapelphia, or faisselle)
3 tbsp of Provencal herbs
2 cups of (oven or sun) dried tomatoes preserved in Provençal olive oil
4 eggs

Mix the oats to the shortcrust pastry.
Let it set for 30 min in the fridge under a cloth.

In a large bowl, delay the Greek yoghurt and the twarog and mix gently.
Beat the four eggs yolks.
Add to the cheese the beaten eggs.
Drain and cut the dried tomatoes into fin slices.
Add the dried tomatoes and the herbs to the mixture.

Roll down the pastry.
Grease a pie mould, and add some parchment paper to ease the un-molding.
Place the shortcrust pastry.

Whip the whites firm and gently fold them in the batter.
Delay the batter in the shortcrust pastry.

Boil one liter of water at least.
Place the pie pan into a bigger one and pour the boiling water until at least half high.
In a preheaten oven at 200°C/400°F cook the cheese cake for 1 h.
Turn off the oven, and leave the cheese cake for one more hour.
Serve cool but not cold.

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