Potato and chick-pea roesti

(2 portions)
1/2 cup of cooked chick-peas
3 potatoes
3 garlic cloves
1 egg
salt, pepper

Blend in a food processor the chick peas.
Grate the potatoes.
Mince the garlic.
Beat the egg, add salt and pepper.
Mix the ingredients together.
Heat a deep frying pan with one tsp of oil.
In a little Tupperware (or flat rice moulds) mould some roestis.
Cook the roestis in the frying pan, on each side for 5 minutes at least each over low heat.
Serve hot or cold.

for those who do not like so much the garlic taste put only one garlic clove.

3 Responses to “Potato and chick-pea roesti”

  1. Lemon jelly and potato and chick-pea roesti « Experiments in dessertarian cooking Says:

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  2. Anon Says:

    I added the potatoes to the food processor as well as the chick peas. I also added about three cloves of garlic! Overall, it came out great!

    I also tossed some in the oven. 350F for 15 min. They still tasted fine, but they didn’t look nearly as pretty. They all burnt to the cookie sheet despite the cooking oil I had put on it.

    • Zoé Says:

      Thanks for your feed back ;).
      Yes, the oven is quite a problem. I also had a few try in the oven . The only way I managed to take them off the cookie paper is by wiping underneath the roesti with a wet sponge.

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