Quick home-made wraps

(Makes two)
100g flour
60ml water
1 tbsp oil.

Mix all the ingredients together. Then work the dough until it doesn’t stick to your finger anymore (you may have to add fllour if it’s too sticky or add water if you cannot absorb all the flour).
Cut the dough into two balls.
Then, with a rolling pin flatten a ball in a big and thin pancake size wrap.
On a pre-heaten pan over medium heat, cook the wrap for ten seconds one side and then ten second the other side.
The texture of the wrap should make it easy to roll. If it isn’t the case, you have cooked it too long and it would have the texture of a tacos and crack when you’ll try to roll it.
It should keep 24h, not more then, it dries out. Maybe you’ll have it back by putting it over steam as I did for the burritos. I did not try, as usually I don’t make more than two at a time.

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