Oat and quinoa burger

1 cup of quinoa,
1 tbsp of concentrated tomato sauce,
2 tsp of soya sauce,
1 tsp of paprika,
1 tsp of coriander,
1 tsp of oregano,
1 tsp of marjoram,
1 cup of oats,

In a bowl soak the oat with 1/2 cup of cool water.
In a pan heat the quinoa with two cups of water for 10 min. Then, set aside with a lid for 5 minutes at least.
Add the tomato sauce and the spices in the quinoa, stir. Add the oats (without the water) and stir.
If the dough is not thick enough add flour.
In a mould form four patties. Cook them both sides in a heated oiled pan over medium heat.


2 Responses to “Oat and quinoa burger”

  1. Oat and quinoa tomato burgers « Experiments in dessertarian cooking Says:

    […] Dinner -Salad – Spicy red pepper – Oat and quinoa burger […]

  2. mburgan Says:

    I want to do more with quinoa and this looks like a good place to start. Thanks for the recipe.

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